Making my own leather knife sheath – I surprised myself!

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Making my own leather knife sheath – I surprised myself!

May 6, 2019 Crafts DIY 0
handmade knife sheath cover image


Well its been nearly a week since i did a post as the weight of the world had been getting heavy on my shoulders… but as the weekend drew round i manage to throw those shackles and get some work done on. First on the agenda was to get a nice leather knife sheath made for my garden knife.

I’d briefly mentioned in in a previous post on my hand made wallet > HERE

This little trusty knife serves me well in the garden. Only issue is i manage to misplace it all the time,  There’s a ton of images in this post showing how its made and it cost about £4 pounds for the leather to get it done. cheap and functional whoop.

Leather sheath for garden knife

This knife isn’t anything special but it serves its purpose well.


One of the first things i had to do was cover the knife in cling film to ensure it stayed dry while i wet formed the leather. If you do try this i’d recommend you do your best to avoid any lumps in the cling film as this may show throw the leather if its thin.

knife covered in cling film

I ended up re doing this as it was to wrinkled and i was worried about it showing through the leather

Weting the leather to make the knife sheath

The leather was then soaked to make it pliable to form around the knife

Then a blunt tool was used to form the knife sheath and it was clamped into place to dry, in hind sight paper probably want the best thing to stop the clamps leaving marks. It got wet and stuck to the leather  😅

dried leather knife sheath

Once it was dry i cleaned off the paper and marked out the stitching. The excess will be trimmed off later.

dying my leather knife sheath

Up next was to dye all the leather, this was in a walnut colour, the leather will be further trimmed down once finished.

I then used some leather stamping tools to put this simple design on the outside. It’s one thing i’m still really nervous on and didn’t want to ruin it.

stitching a leather knife sheath

I find the stitching of leather oddly therapeutic , a small belt loop up the back and a run up the side of the knife to finish.

burnishing leather knife sheath edges

Once the stitching was done the leather was trimmed down and the edges burnished using my home made burning tool.

finished leather sheath.

Finished knife sheath ready to work. The pictures don’t do it justice it looks awesome in the flesh and i’m super proud.

Well that’s it for this post! on to the next adventure…

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