Handmade Leather Wallet – its finished

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Handmade Leather Wallet – its finished

April 29, 2019 Crafts 0
finished hand made wallet


You may of seen in a couple of previous posts, i had mentioned that i was keen to get back in to leather work. With one of the first projects i was planning to get on with was making my self a nice slim wallet that would meet my needs better than a store bought one. Well a lot of cursing and sore fingers its done phew!

My post on getting back into leather work can be found > Here

And the first part of making the wallet can be found > Here

My biggest regret is that i didn’t do this sooner, sure it’s not perfect. But what is in this world. the edges may not be symmetrical and the stitching isn’t straight but i made it myself.

That in its self is an achievement for me as, if you know me you see that i’m great at starting things but have a short attention span and tend to move on to other exciting things fairly quick.

The front of the handmade leather wallet

I still need to burnish the edges with the tool i made in the last post but i couldn’t get in done in time for the working week so ill finish that this week.

It does meet my idea and happily holds the 3 card’s i carry on me. These are a tight fit and i had to wet the wallet to get it to stretch and stake them. This way its a perfect fit and no worries about the cards coming on when its in my bag/pocket.


Handmade leather wallet

I did beat on it a little to try and getting it looking aged.

The back of the wallet

The plan for this was to take money, but i ran into a problem… I got none HaHa 😅

So this is currently housing a credit card style multitool that will no doubt come in handy when i least expect it. It could however be replace with currency if i ever decide to go to the bank and withdraw some.

Handmade leather wallet and multitool

Again this was we formed to hold a few cards/cash so its friction fit and wont come out unless meant to.

credit card multitool

Had this for years but only used it for the odd thing, ill probably tape the blades up to stop it damaging the wallet long term.

So whats next to make

2 things

I have made another item already and it came out great, but stupidly didn’t take any pictures of it but ill update you on how my lightweight leather stop for my knife sharpening kit came out

handmade leather strop

The only picture i have to hand is finishing some of the stitching on the strop that takes the para cord.

garden knife sheath

The other project i’m working on is making a wet formed leather sheath for my trusty gardening knife, this one i’m super excited about.

Well that’s it for this post!

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