Making a handmade wallet out of leather

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Making a handmade wallet out of leather

April 22, 2019 Crafts 0
making a leather wallet cover image

I’ve been really enjoying this so far, and im happy(satisfied) with how its looking.

I tend not to carry a wallet ever but i want to keep a few things together to stop them getting lost/damaged.

In my design i wanted it to be able to do the following

  • super slim
  • hold a couple of cards
  • hold a few bank notes
  • hold a memory stick.
  • look nice

I made up a card board template and measured every thing out and cut the leather down to size. I’ve used 2mm vegetable tanned hid for this as its strong but thin and light weight.

card template for handmade wallet


handmade leather wallet parts

I did mess up a couple of lines… its been a while since i used these tools.

leatherwork punching holes

Once the lines were cut it was off to use the punch’s to mark the stitch holes, these were then widened using the awl.

stitching handmade leather wallet

I also started stitching the the parts that are decorative, and open top edges.

leather craft stamping initials

I also stamped in my Accounts Initials, I’m wanting to make hopefully or buy some leather stamps to do a bit of carving on this. Next update on this project should show some progress in this area.


I did make a usefull tool today though, i found a bit of spindle from the stairs i fitted last year that had a familiar shape. The plan is to turn this into a burnisher and save a few quid. This is used to dress the edges of the leather. A quick chop and sand and itll do the trick.

leather work tool making burnisher

finished burnisher

I will end up adding in a few more groves for different sizes of leather in the future, But currently it’ll work ok.

Tomorrow ill try making the USB holder by wet forming the leather, this will be the smallest thing I’ve  tried this on so it’ll be interesting.

Hopefully the dye turns up soon so i can get this finished and start stitching it together, i shouldn’t of done any of the stitching before dyeing as it stops it getting into the groove behind the stitching but i couldn’t help myself ha ha.

Well that’s it for this post!

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