Greenhouse update – Raised beds and sowing seeds

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Greenhouse update – Raised beds and sowing seeds

April 21, 2019 Gardening 0
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I mentioned in a previous post that i could sort out the raised beds until i was paid at the end of the month. well… that didn’t go to plan and i ended up buying the wood anyway.

To be fair though the sooner these plants are in the soil the sooner they will provide us with a bountiful crop that not only provide us with great healthy food, but save us a small fortune. So as i keep telling me its an investment with much better returns than the money sitting in the bank.

I managed to get one in fairly quick about an hour and then another to get the soil and compost in.

greenhouse raised bed

I ended up raiding the compost bin for as much compost as possible but i was a little disappointed. 1 compost bin was great and i got around 40-50l of beautiful compost the other bin i must of messed the ratio between greens and browns up and it was super dry and hadn’t even started to break down.

Emptying the compost bin

thankfully the grass has started to grow with the rain and sunshine so ill mix in a load of grass cuttings and chicken manure that will get it back on track ready for later on in the year, if not next year.

composting in the garden

I’m taking a gamble by planting the peppers and chillies in the bed this early. But the night time temps are looking ok for the next few weeks and i’m hoping this will give me my best harvest ever. Time will tell as always with these things and ill show you how its looking tomorrow.

I also finally got round to drilling the holes for mounting the tap so it can be used and i ended up filling the water butts up half way, we are due some rain over the next week so ill let it full up with rain water for the rest of it. because of this i also got round to connecting up the overflow and sealing both the guttering and overflow. Eventually the overflow will be connected up to more water barrels as you can never have enough water.

greenhouse water butt overflow guttering going into the greenhouse

I decided to fill it up so that i could test the pressure to start working on the next bits and the pressure from the tap is looking positive. I’ts so much better since i upgraded the pipework from 15mm to 22mm pipes and this should be perfect for my gravity fed auto watering system i’m putting in place as we speak.

I also took this opportunity to sow even more seeds as the previous batch are starting to come through and will be ready to plant out in a week.

sowing seeds

Well the greenhouse is filling up nicely and i look forward to sharing with you what gets done over the next couple of days. Big things ahead!!!

One last image of the greenhouse filling up nicely.

sowing seeds in the greenhouse

Well that’s it for this post!

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