Jute twine in the garden, a change for the better 🌻

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Jute twine in the garden, a change for the better 🌻

March 29, 2019 Gardening 0
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As i’m on a quest to make everything i do more environmentally friendly, sustainable i keep finding new ways to reduce this impact, on the list this time was jute twine.

One thing that i realised i did that wasn’t great was in the garden. Funny that something like growing my own fruit and vegetables could have a negative impact.

This turned out to be the twine i was using.

I foolishly didn’t pay attention on what i bought previously and turns out it was plastic… I assume some form of polypropylene plastic.

plastic twine

I didn’t get a picture of it as it went in the bin but it was this type but bright green [source]

It soon adds up

having a lot of plants in the greenhouse that required tieing up leads to a lot of it being used and it inevitable ends up in the soil, in the compost bins and just hanging around for years to come. if it does break up I’m lead with little flecks of plastic which isn’t great either so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and stick the whole thing in the bin.

Jute Twine.

So i’m going plastic free on the twine front. when i was at the shops i managed to wade past all the plastic rubbish and pick up a massive roll of natural jute twine! whoop…

jute twine

Massive roll of jute twine yey!

I love the way it looks.

For a start it just looks so much more pretty, natural and in keeping with the surroundings compared to the bright green plastic rubbish i used previously.

Also now i can tie things up until me heart is content without feeling the guilt of what happens later as over time it will biodegrade and wont cause issues if i add it to the compost.

Fist up is the grape vine in the greenhouse to get the jute twine treatment.

jute twine holding up the grapevine

I still need to fit the wire to the back run so this is just a temp fix for know.

jute twine in the greenhouse

One of the central branches tied up in position.

Well that’s enough jute twine for now until the chillies and tomatoes start growing bigger.


What are you lot using to tie up plants in the garden? Any top tips

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