My wooden greenhouse update

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My wooden greenhouse update

March 24, 2019 DIY Gardening 0


Well as some of you already know I’ve been slaving away for a while on this wooden greenhouse any free moment i get. Which isn’t enough to get a new greenhouse built in time for this years growing season.

wooden greenhouse finished

Well i can finally say its up, not finished, but up. Phew….

This was done over a 4 days, a bit at a time in not the most pleasant conditions. it was super exciting to put on the plastic corrugated roof in 40Mph+ winds. 😅

Overall I’m super pleased with it. its by no means perfect and the plans i had created didn’t work out perfectly in reality for one person construction so with that in mind ill be updating them to reflect the changes i made.

wooden greenhouse cad plans

Main changes were in the roof vent moved from the, top to the font

One other big change

i was originally going to go with the plastic twin wall sheeting for the sides and door as it offers good shade and has a much better insulation value than glass.

glass going in on the wooden greenhouse

As you can see from the pictures, I ended up with glass when i took down the old greenhouse i worked out i had enough to use glass throughout, and decided that this would be the way to go.

One of the reasons was cost it would of cost another £100 or so to get enough new twinwall to glaze the whole greenhouse, also environmentally it didn’t sit right with me. i have some thing that will do a good job if not better in some ways and i was to buy a load of plastic because its a little warmer…

also I’ve had some issues with the twin wall in the old greenhouse previously, its far too flexible and easy to blow out in heavy winds, also unless properly sealed it gets full of bugs that can make cleaning and maintenance a nightmare.


This is something that had to be integral to the wooden greenhouse. It’s pointless in my eyes trying to do good by building and growing my own foods in this wooden greenhouse, if its credentials weren’t very eco. As much as i’d love to avoid plastics and other not so eco friendly materials that’s a compromise i had to make. However I’ve been super lucky in that i managed to get a lot glass, wood, bubble wrap, screws and sealants for free. This were either off cuts, waste or by products of other people upgrading homes and offices. This not only saved me a heap of money, easily £300+ but it saved it from going into landfill and me having to buy the good anyway. So please don’t frown when you see this wooden greenhouse It’s as Eco friendly as i could get it!


The never ending wooden greenhouse

Unfortunately I’ve still got a massive list of things to do before i can kick back with a bottle of wine and enjoy the plants growing

The list to do;

  • Finish the vents.
  • Seal the glazing.
  • Treat the rear sides.
  • Build/Install shelving and potting up bench.
  • Finish the solar install.
  • Dig out the central path (approx 2ft down)
  • Put in wooden posts for internal grow beds
  • Install pumped watering system
  • Install autonomous watering system

water butts in greenhouse

So its going to take a few weeks to cap these off before i can move on to some new exciting projects I have on the cards. Watch this space!



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