Paper Mache Pot – Up cycled

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Paper Mache Pot – Up cycled

March 10, 2019 Crafts 0
Paper mache plant pot

Paper Mache Crafts

Well, just a quick one. The weather is grim and I’m climbing the walls so I wanted to fill some time and make something nice with our little one. So paper mache seemed like a fine thing to work on with her, but I wanted to create something useful that we can use for years to come.

With that in mind, I thought we could make a nice little novelty plant pot. so the brief was to look nice, not cost us anything. However, most importantly be possible for our 4-year-old to do most of it.

How we made it

Paper mache supplies

A jar, paper, PVA and a plan.

paper mache first layer

paper mache second layer

A couple of layers newspaper to build up the roots and branches of the tree. then to cover it for a more realistic look.

adding tissue to the pot for texture

Once the first layer was dry enough with went over and layed on some tissue paper to add some detail. Our little one loved this and the mess it made.

building up the paper mache layers

paper mache left to dry over night

Once we had put on a couple of layers of tissue over the top, it was off to the radiator dry.

painting the paper mache with acrylic paints

Once it was dry it was on to the paint. Our little one did the first coat then promptly lost interest. so I had the honour of finishing it off 😅. The first coat was orange, then dry brushed with a brown. A nice green grass was painted on around the bottom. Then it was finished off with a little detailing with a fine black permanent marker.

finished paper mache pot

Overall I’m super pleased with how it came out.  It we promptly filled with water and cutting of basil was added that I’m hoping to get to root,and grow on.

Have you ever made anything from paper mache? I’d love to plan something else do when the weather is bad


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