Making sweet potato flatbread (roti)

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Making sweet potato flatbread (roti)

March 3, 2019 Recipes 0
sweet potato flatbread cover image

These sweet potato flatbread or Roti’s as there also known are a great simple recipe to make and aren’t half bad. The longest part of making these is waiting for the potato’s to cook, but realistically you’re looking at 30-40 minutes max to make these.

If you look at the ingredients they don’t have much in and nothing that bad at all, the cost also is tiny, another great way to bulk up meals without spending lots of cash. All in they probably cost me £0.35 to make the eight.


Sweet potato flatbread ingredients

  • Sweet potato (200g)
  • Self-raising flour (200g)
  • Salt (a pinch)
  • Pepper (a pinch)
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Herbs (optional)


sweet potato flatbread ingredients

One thing I love about these is how they don’t need any fancy ingredients

How to make them

weighing the sweet potato

Well that worked out well 200g of sweet potato

weighing out the flour

Measure out an equal amount of self-raising flour, 200g in this case.


boiling the sweet potato for the flatbreads

You want to boil the sweet potato until soft enough to mash.

adding in the herbs

Once soft, drain and mash this would be a good time to add in any seasonings.

slowly mixing in the flour to the flatbread / roti

Slowly start adding in gradual amounts of the flour and mix in, this will be super sticky to start so I tend to start with a spatula.

all mixed together sweet potato flatbread

Eventually, after a few minutes, you have something that resembles dough, I’ve still usually got some flour left at this point that I use to roll them out on.

Rolling out a Roti

Rolling out the dough is one of the bits I enjoy most. It can get a bit messy but if you flour the surface and rolling pin you should avoid any issues

ready to start cutting and rolling out the flatbreads

I tip out any remaining flour on to a clean flat surface ready to roll out some sweet potato flatbreads

cutting the dough into 8 parts

I divide the ball into 8 segments, it may look small but we want to roll them out thin, so don’t panic.

ready to roll out the roti

Before starting to roll, make sure to roll the ball around in the flour to help stop it sticking.

rolling out a sweet potato flatbread

Once you’ve rolled one bit out, flip it so it gets floured and turn it 90 degree’s this will help to keep the round shape.

What we are aiming for is a final thickness of 2-3mm this is a fairly heavy bread so making them thick can make chewing tough 😅

How to cook them

Cooking them is super simple, get your self a skillet or frying pan. In my case, I used a Wok as it was easier to dig out of the cupboard. stick it on a medium heat and let the Wok get up to temperature.

Then take your lightly floured sweet potato flatbreads that you’ve rolled out and pop on in the pan.

roti in the frying pan

Look to turn them over every 30 seconds until cooked

ready to turn over the roti

Light browning and ready for the next side!

cooking sweet potato fladbreads

Cooking normally only takes 1-2 minutes depending on the heat and how thick you rolled them out, if they start to puff up don’t panic its all good!

8 finished sweet potato rotis

8 Roti’s ready to eat, I like to cover them in a clean tea towel, this keeps the moisture in and helps to keep them soft.

What can you have them with?

It would probably be easier to list what wouldnt work with them to be honest. i love these to make wraps, scoop up hummous and other dips, with currys as a nan bread substiute and many more. get some made, experiment and have fun!

sweet potato flatbread wrap

Super quick snack, homemade tomato and chilli chutney, cheese and extra jalapeno’s super tasty.

If anyone has any suggestions for what to fill these up with??? I’d love to hear.

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