Composting Newspaper With A Shredder

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Composting Newspaper With A Shredder

March 1, 2019 Random 0
office shredder other uses

office shredder

So I decided to treat myself to a shredder as a present to my self for 2019 with a view to use it for composting newspaper 😅

If you think I’m mad, I wouldn’t blame you but honestly, it has its uses (shredding obviously)

Why a shredder

Well to shred things hopefully just paper and cardboard that I seem to amass bills, newspapers, and all the other crap that seems to be put through the letterbox.

first bag of composting newspaper shredded

Good ole, cross-cut shredder.

In fairness, I’ve done ok without one for years and it all either gets composted or recycled as seen fit. Though the shredder should help improve this process in both speed and efficiency. If you compost paper already you may have noticed clumps of it still not broken down when its time use the brown gold. Hopefully, this will avoid that moving forward.

How I plan to use the shredded goodness.


The finer material outputted should help to speed up the breakdown, hopefully, it will encourage the wife to participate more as she can just take out a handful of shredded paper and add it to the greens before going into the compost bin, win win…


if you’ve followed me for a while on some of the other channels I post on. You’ll of seen the odd post on my adventure into growing my own mushrooms (Blue oyster mushrooms) so far I’ve had good success with using waste paper/cardboard as the primary source of carbon, again the finer shredding will add surface area speeding up the process of the mycelium colonising and breaking down the carbon. I must remember to update this blog with some posts on it (watch this space)

shredded newspaper to grow mushrooms
I’ve just set away another oyster mushroom spawn using shredded paper



I think I can amass a fairly large quantity of shredded paper I think it will work well as a mulch around plants whereas I usually use grass clippings but should be able to put a thick layer down sooner in the in the season before the grass starts to grow.

Of note, if you have a wormery it can also be a useful addition to help them break it down quicker if my circumstances change in 2019 ill be putting that to the test hopefully we will see some little composting worms in my future.


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