sowing chilli seeds 2019

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sowing chilli seeds 2019

February 26, 2019 Gardening 0
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Well, its that time of year when I really want to get a head start on planting chilli seeds. These are some of my favourite plants to grow and can add a little or a lot of spice to a dish. The sweet varieties are bursting with flavour and can add a great splash of colour to a meal.

This is just the start of my seed sowing this year and ill be keeping you updated on all of the other great things we will be growing.


Planting Chilli Seeds


peat pockets for sowing seeds in

So this isn’t what I wanted to use but I had some of these peat pockets left over, you tend to learn a few things along the way during life and one for me is that peat based products aren’t the most ecologically sound, so moving forward ill be avoiding them. However, I can’t let them go to waste as that would be just as bad.

On the plus side, these are great at;

  • Taking up little space.
  • Holding moisture very well.
  • Don’tneed to be removed for planting up.

The Varieties

Well this is just a few of the variety of  hot/sweet pepper seeds that I plan on planting  we have;

Jalapeno Early 

This is one of my favourites an early to set fruit variety that is very heavy cropping in good soil. I love these picked and nachos, in chillies, soups, smoked and barbequed, one thing I always regret is not planting enough of these

jalapeno early seeds

Hungarian Yellow Wax

This is another favourite but this time sweet, I love these grilled and the thick sweet flesh is great in salads and well basically any other meal that you can pop a pepper in. hungarian yellow wax chilli seeds

Big Red 

A classic bell pepper, you haven’t lived until you take a nice warm pepper from the plant and added it into a fresh salad. Again super versatile and one worth considering when planting chilli seeds

big red sweet pepper seeds


Last year was the first time I grew this, and what made me come back was the small heavily laden plants dripping with chillies. these look beautiful and would make a fine conversation piece. These are going to be dried and used in anything that just needs some heat.

poinsettia chilli seeds

California Wonder

Another classic bell pepper, very much like big red, I had great success with these last year.

sweet pepper California wonder seeds

Lemon drop (Aji Limon)

This is another all-time favourite of mine as for when it’s looked after you will get a ton of spicy lemon flavoured treats.  These dry well and I can vouch they make a mean chilli vodka with a lemon hit.

I did a post on them a while back that can be seen here its worth checking out!

lemon drop chilli seeds

Down To Business

peat pockets for sowing seeds in chilli seeds planted peat pockets

I went for  two chilli seeds per pocket as viability can sometimes be an issue, I can always thin them out if needed (i hate doing it though 😢 as i want to grow them all)

Now for the waiting game

heated propagator garland super 6

Once I had planted the chilli seeds I put them in my heated garland super 6 propagator and left them to work their magic

Next steps

Well, its still quite early in the growing season in the UK and daylight is a bit short still, so once these start to pop up ill be moving them under my grow light, its a nice little cheap 50W LED grow light that I did a post on a while back.

Check it out – HERE 

led grow light review

Tomatoes reaching up to their artificial sun!

If anyone is in the UK and wants to swap some seeds get in touch! 

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