Rhubarb Gin! Make your own, super tasty, super cheap

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Rhubarb Gin! Make your own, super tasty, super cheap

February 24, 2019 Home brew 0
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What more can i say I love my garden, greenhouse and the great things it grows for me, one other thing that I love is sitting there as the sun goes down with a cold crisp drink, To be honest, most of the time its a soft drink or a coffee but if I’ve worked extra hard I can claim a treat and soon that’ll be a cold rhubarb gin!

Flavoured gin’s

I’ve made a few of these over the years and I have always found them great with my favourites been homemade damson and sloe gins, this year I’m thinking of branching out and trying some new types.

let’s make some rhubarb gin!

Storm damage

I’d been away a few days and came back to very sorry looking rhubarb plant either the winds have been too strong or someone has taken a dive in it as its looking rather limp and has a fair few stems broken. Rather than let them go to waste and to have a change from the usual rhubarb and crumble I’m going to give this a whirl, hopefully, it won’t result in the wasting of a bottle of gin

Stems broken due to wind.

Making the Gin

This was super simple to get to this point and it involved the following

  • Lots of rhubarb
  • A glass jar
  • Some sugar
  • And a bottle of gin

The first thing I did was to wash and cut out any damaged or bad bits of the rhubarb

Once this was done it was cut into smaller chunks. these were then put into the jars that had been cleaned.

I had managed to get enough rhubarb into the jars, then added roughly 50-100g of sugar to each and then gave them a good shake, The recipe online I saw called for 500g of sugar for one of those jars, the thought of that amount of sugar just makes me feel sick. depending on the taste I may have to add more down the line but we will see.

Adding in the sugar to jars.

So the last bit to do is to give it a good shake to get the sugar around. This is to help to draw out the amazing flavours of the rhubarb, leave it for 24 hours to let the to top it up with gin. As you can imagine the hard part is waiting for it to infuse for the next 5 weeks then it will be decanted into bottles and drank at every appropriate opportunity haha 😀

ready for the gin to be added.

5 weeks can feel like a lifetime

ready to put the rhubarb gin into bottles

After a long wait for it’s now the time to get the rhubarb gin into the bottles, That gin steeped rhubarb would make an amazing crumble what you think?

Rhubarb Gin first tasting!

first taste of the gin

rhubarb gin in bottles on the shelf

Well, that’s the gin bottled up and sitting on the shelf all I need to do now is to resist the urge to drink it all at once. Know that I know its delicious ill be making a lot more in 2019 so watch this space.

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