Prepping for brexit? or for life?

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Prepping for brexit? or for life?

February 24, 2019 Prepping 0
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Seems like this is making waves online and in the news are you prepping for brexit? think its a load of non-sense? either way, it might be worth looking at the bigger picture.

More than 600 people across Britain have bought a $380 “Brexit Box” since it was launched in December, according to manufacturer Emergency Food Storage.

Source: CNN

$380 to prepare for Brexit that’s insane that’s roughly £290. Whatever camp you sit in that’s a whole lotta cash for most people, especially for those that may need to think about prepping for brexit the most.

My view on prepping is more realistic, life is full of ups and downs. Doors open, doors close and some times life gives you lemons when what you need is apples…

Do you want to be able to respond positively to whatever life throws at you?

If yes then read on. If not I guess go back to what you’re doing and have a great day.

Prepping for Brexit

prepping for brexit food box

I’ve seen a fair few posts on this lately and its either seen and responded to like two things;

  • That’s a great idea it’s wise to plan ahead
  • What are you doing! Do you think the world is going to end?

Normally this split can be aligned to those that want to leave the EU and those that don’t, I understand it and can empathise with it but me, I’m a pessimist and whatever happens, I’d like to have a buffer between me and the chaos

So to summarise, I’m not prepping for Brexit I’m prepping for life…

Prepping for life!

I read a great quote a while back,  and it really struck a cord. More so when a certain big wave hit me last year.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf them”

Jon Kabit-Zin

If you had been with me, this time last year. My employment wasn’t going the smoothest. The market had taken a turn in a different direction. work was getting lean and the pressure was put onto the employee’s to generate more work and use less resources. To their credit, my employers at the time were doing everything they could to protect their business and the employees. Unfortunately the inevitable, eventually happened after a few months, I was called into a meeting at the end of the day and made redundant…

How would you fair if in the flick of a switch you lost 80% of your household income? 

One of the problems is I’m the main earner in our house, and suddenly I was earning nothing…. how will I pay the bills is normally the first thing people think of, then how will I put food on the table, and on, and on…

If we were to look back to the prepping for Brexit situation and the one I experienced last year, this could very much happen again. No one knows what’s going to happen, many companies are uncertain of the fallout some have already pulled out of the UK and this could lead to many people facing unemployment as I did. Anything I can do to remove some of that stress I faced last year is something that’s worth doing in my eyes.

Stocking up on food


Think about this, how much do you spend on food a month? 

Right now think about what you would need to do if you didn’t get paid for a month, to raise the same cash?

Think about this, how does the food you buy get to the shops? 

What would happen if for whatever reason those trucks didn’t make it to the shop?

Ever heard of just in time shipping? Those stores don’t have massive storage spaces full of products 

Every time it snows what happens to all the bread and milk?

This isn’t just something that could be prepping for Brexit, this is prepping for life, that sea, waves and all.
  • What about an unforeseen bill say car or boiler repair leaves you short of cash
  • Another harsh winter like the beast from the east that sees shelves run bare within a few days?
  • sudden price rises due to supply and demand issues

prepping for brexit medicines

If you think this is something you could look to offset, maybe have a think about what things you have in the kitchen, cupboards and bathrooms that you couldn’t do without, take note of the expiry date if it’s long i.e, not fresh fruit, bread, milk or fresh meats maybe think about adding another in the trolley or basket next time your at the shops, build up slowly it’ll help to keep the costs down and the decisions on what to buy reasonable, no one needs 20 tins of peas at once unless you know what your going to cook them with.

My next prepping post will be one what kind of thinks you may look to have a supply of to avoid running out if this is of interest don’t, forget to follow, like and upvote!

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All the best





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