DIY understair storage

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DIY understair storage

February 23, 2019 DIY 0
finished understair storage

This year has been one full of changes and so far all for the better, I’m trying to get a grip of my life, eat better, and be both physically and mentally stronger. Let me share with you my DIY understair storage project i’ve been working on.

Because of this change in my lifestyle getting back to my core values and outlook in life I’m trying to remove some of the things that used to cause frustration, anxiety and stress on my relationships. One of this was my choice to pull out my desk (or as much of it as possible) and replace it with a pantry as such for storing the things I made from what I have grown in the garden or made in the kitchen (creating a positive space that the whole family can use)

Before this is was my desk with 2 large monitors mounted on the wall some shelving and a whole lot of clutter, two things that aren’t good for my soul, long hours at a pc and clutter so it had to go!

DIY understair storage ready to paint

This was what I did over a weekend 😁

I’m so pleased with how this came out, as woodwork is not my strongest point but a tiny bit of filler and sanding and I think this will look awesome once I fill it up with produce and preserves. It’s not the biggest of spaces to store all of this stuff so will be used for the items used on a regular basis and more long term storage will be in another area of the kitchen.

Bare desk before fitout

This was what I was left with after ripping out the old shelving

First shelves built on my DIY understair storage project

The first part of the shelves built and installed

Simplicity is in the storage

You made recall back to the top of the page I mentioned woodwork is something I tend to struggle with at times, it’s not that I can’t do it…. I’m just a little gun hoe and prone to making mistakes. With that in mind, I tried to keep this DIY understair storage as simple as possible but to still have some form of aesthetics.

The joints between all of the shelves were offset to make assembly easy but to also break up the shelves a little so it looks more natural. I think it came out well in that respect.

The next section was more of a challenge as I wanted this understair storage to really fit into the space that would require a little more precision


DIY understair storage wine rack test fitting

My cutting failed me on this one a little, wheres the filler 😅

DIY understair storage test fitting

Hopefully, it’ll look less out of place once the painting is done and full of goodies!

More filling sanding and painting to do!

Why I chose to do it

One thing that I used to be bad for was spending far to much time glued to my computer shutting out the ones I loved putting work before family and ultimately my mental state suffered.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of my desk finished but you can see how it was the only difference is eventually got painted and acquired more junk over time. It was like this for about 2 years (but finished)

My old desk

I dread to think hour many hours were lost at that desk over the 2 years it was finished

Cutting down on the PC time

One thing I have made a massive effort with is to cut down on my social media usage, working from home, working in the evening/weekends basically anything that takes time away from my family of looking after myself unless totally necessary.

Because of this, I decided to pull out my desk as its currently just wasted space as pc time has went from several hours a day (after finishing work) to roughly several hours per week at most. I’m not going to lie it’s been hard but I totally see the benefit of it and would hate to go back to my old ways.

Overall I’m super happy with it and walking past it is still putting a smile on my face every time. You may have spotted in the picture some demijohn with wine brewing in them. I took a gamble and bought some starter kits of the back of a comment left on my rhubarb gin blog

Check it out here

I’ll be doing a blog post on this when I get a chance but currently, I have a batch of red wine and a batch of elderflower wine brewing away how cool 🙃 looking forward to making all sorts of country wines with what I grow in the garden

DIY understair storage and the future

I still need to do some sanding as the filler did not dry in time and give it all a paint, then its a case of growing preserving and brewing as much of possible. I’ve also decided to build something on the space on the right-hand wall. I’m thinking something to hang and dry herbs and chillies and this will be my project this weekend if I get a chance to do so. 

You’ve possibly noticed that this DIY understair storage is all done now and I hope you agree it looks stunning, what you really want to do is check out some of the other posts running through the other bits


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As always thank you for dropping by and reading my posts, if you like what you see think about sharing, commenting and following my blog/ Youtube channel.

But if you only do one thing leave a comment and say hello!

All the best

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