Baking a sourdough loaf

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Baking a sourdough loaf

February 21, 2019 Recipes 0
sourdough loaf cover image

the wait is over

Well it’s been long anticipated, I’ve “lovingly” cared for the starter for the last two weeks and now its time to bake some sourdough

>By lovingly cared for what I mean is not in the slightest… I didn’t remember to feed it daily, I left it in the sun, let it get dry and yet it’s been a hardy little starter perking up whenever I remembered to feed in and put him somewhere better suited.

This all started from a post that @riverflows shared on some amazing looking sourdough bread she made and some encouragement to get myself started on the process, you can see part one making the starter and part two feeding it below

Part 1 – (Making the starter)

Part 2 – Sourdough (Feeding the starter)

sourdough loaf cut

Not going to lie I’m pretty proud of my loaf!


The recipe

Well, I’m no bread expert so I had to have a quick google for a sourdough bread recipe and found one that seemed to fit the bill, a hand full of ingredients and a little elbow grease none of that fancy cooking skill, that’s often required ha!

If you want to have a bash at making this (and I strongly suggest, heck I insist you do!) you will need the following

300g Sourdough starter
500g wholemeal flour (or the flour of your choice)
250ml water (lukewarm)
A pinch of salt
A hand full of seeds

sourdough ingredients flour

weighing out the flour


The actual mixing of the ingredients was super straightforward i put everything excluding the seeds in a bowl and mix together until a dough forms

At this point i had a big ole sticky mess and had to add a little more flour and gave it a good kneading for 10 minutes then set it aside to rise.

> sourdough doesn’t rise as vigorously as a store bought mix with yeast added so i left it for a good 3 hours in a warm spot to and to my relief it had almost doubled in size.

At this point it was knocked back (the air knocked out of it again) and a handful of mixed seeds added then a quick kneading to get the seeds mixed in.

At this point it was put into a loaf tin (it was at this point i added the Seeds to the top) for its final rise and again this was left for a few hours,

Even in its uncooked form, it’s looking delicious!

In to the Oven

This is the bit that i always worry about with breads and baking in general, you spend all your time loving preparing something and it all hinges on what happens in this hot box and if you manage to take it out in time.

What i did was to crank the temperature up as high as i could 230 celsius or about 450 Fahrenheit.

We aren’t lucky enough to have one of those fancy new fangled ovens that had steam capabilities to help with baking bread, so i put a deep baking tray in the bottom with a few centimeters of water in it

This was left in for the first 8-10 minutes of the baking process then removed for the final 15 minutes

Once the oven timer was beeping away i excitedly rolled it out of its baking tin and on to a wire rack to cool eager to cut of a slicer but the temptation was resisted thankfully

Sourdough Loaf

baked sourdough loaf

And this tastes great, i really mean it even the rest of the family were blown away by the sourdough bread we had made and they really aren’t that fussed on bread full stop so it was a compliment indeed.

No doubt this will be devoured quite quick and ill be back to making another one.

I’tts now as simple as adding 300g of 50% flour and 50% water to the starter the day before and then taking out the same weight to add to the bread mix, super easy!

I did take some video footage of all the steps so i may cut it together and upload it if i get time.

As Always thank you so much for stopping by, don’t forget to leave a comment and ill get back in touch with you

All the best




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