Damiana – Turnera diffusa

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Damiana – Turnera diffusa

February 21, 2019 Herbal Medicine Home brew 0
damiana first experiences


Well i thought it’s about time to post my thoughts on Damiana, first off i want to say thanks to @riverflows for putting me on to this herb, to be honest when it was mentioned in the @natural-medicine discord server (link is at the bottom, You should really check it out if your interested in natural medicine) it was around adding things to wines/spirits which I’m quite passionate about making my own homebrew wines and other drinks. From that brief mention of the herb it was purchased without any thought on research on its use/effects which is unlike me… this could have been attributed to consuming too much homebrew…

damiana first experiences

Assembling the supplies … 😬

New rule, research first. Buy second!

It wasn’t until i was sober and the package arrived that I actually did any research into it, and once i did, i had my eyes opened 😳

It appears to have many uses but the overarching one is its use as an aphrodisiac 😅 some of its other qualities are;
*Bed wetting
*Upset stomachs
* Pain relief
* Boosting mental and physical stamina

So it seems like quite a versatile and useful herb to have in the cupboard.

My experience so far

Well i’ve only had it in a tea a few times but it’s been a pleasant experience, calming slightly euphoric a great means to take the edge of the anxiety i sometimes suffer from. So with that in mind im looking forward to experimenting and learning from it more, some things I’ve got planned for damiana follow below.

herbal tea

Herbal tea’s sweetened with a little honey are always a nice treat.

damiana tincture in the making

Thanks for the recipe @riverflows 😀

I’m not going to rehash her fine words so I highly recommend you check out her post about making damiana vodka here – Damiana Love Juice  It’s one of those super straight forward ones that need’s very little knowledge to get it going, can be enjoyed straight awy but it much better when left to mature.

damiana vodka

So I’ve got a bottle of Riverflows brew on the shelf maturing away and from the little sample I did it will go down well when the months have passed 😬

I also took this opportunity to set some aside to make a damiana tincture but that will be a few weeks more before that will be ready to bottle up.

damiana tincture in the making

Damiana tincture

I’ve still got a video to finish on making tinctures in hindsight I should’ve waited until I’d done it all and just done one video as I’m not sure how this last one will pan out, I may just cut the three of them together for the last one to show start to finish

Essential oils book

New book to mull over will a herbal tea/spirit 😀



Embracing Natural Medicine

I think my wife, as lovely as ever is starting to embrace my interest in natural medicine and even got me a nice little present for Christmas, I’m not a massive fan of the whole gift-giving charade that happens this time of year as so much of it is OTT . However I’m a sucker for the thoughtful gifts I received books, kilner jars and other useful things that will last for years to come 😬

Hopefully, this will bring some new knowledge and projects to the table.

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Whats your favourite natural medicine or homebrew? I’d love to see/hear if your idea’s 

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