Part 2 – Sourdough

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Part 2 – Sourdough

August 16, 2018 Recipes 0
looking after your sourdough


Feeding the sourdough beast

Well, in my last post we shared how we made the sourdough starter, if you didn’t check it out follow the link below and get yourself on the sourdough food train.

Soughdough starter, making it the easy way 

Moving forward there is a special task that needs to be undertaken when growing your own little sourdough beastie. Simon, as he has been named now, needs to be fed on a fairly regular basis to make sure he grows big and strong (i.e. the natural yeast we use to our bread rise)

sourdough starter in jar
Awwww they grow so quick

One thing I was quite surprised with is how quickly the process would start as within 24 hours (of adding a bit of flour to water) the mix has started to rise of its own accord and it no longer smells of wet flour a new smell is forming still pleasant but with a hint of “sour” as can be seen I the picture above it has raised a good few centimetres

removing and weighing sourdough
Pouring out some of the mixture to replace with “feed”

Replacing the Mix

So I started with 400g of strong bread flour and 400ml of water, my plan to feed this is to replace 200g or a quarter of the mix, every 24 hours. And by day 7-14 I’m aiming to feed every 3 and it’s going in the fridge I bet some sourdough veterans are doing that sharp inhale of breath as most people say every 12hours, not in the fridge and must be cuddled at every opportunity. Well, not my sourdough, rules are to be explored and I ain’t got time for all that while I’m enjoying cooking, growing and just generally enjoying life.

adding flour to the sourdough
No funnel this time 😉

Once the flour and water has been added it was a case of mixing it up and setting it aside until tomorrow

stiring the sourdough
mixing with the back of the spoon as space is limited

I’m going to repeat this until it a big old jar of smelly sour super starter and then I’ll do a post on the results, hopefully, ill be sharing the fruits of our labour with you soon in the form of nice homebaked bread

Again don’t be afraid to give this a go, and don’t be put off by the many blog posts and recipes making it sound like complex science  it’s really not that bad

So to summerise

  • Don’t forget to feed you sourdough starter
  • this is again a 50/50 mix of your chosen flour and water.
  • give it a good stir and ensure it has space to rise

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