2018 Seedlist Part 2

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2018 Seedlist Part 2

February 6, 2018 Gardening Uncategorized 0
Shallots Golden Gourmet

Well, this is a quick update to my 2018 seedlist part 2, this is pretty much everything I need bar a few possible additions that I’m mulling over.

The selection is very much based on quantity (of seed/crop yield) and quality of produce. Most of these seeds I’ve grown previously with great result and the others, well let’s hope that their description matches what grows.


These were cheap at the Range at 3 for £5 so I couldn’t resist adding them to my 2018 Seedlist

Garlic – Pink Germidour (ill count the plants once their potted up)

Shallots – Golden Gourmet (10 bulbs)

Onions – Sturon (100ish bulbs)

The seeds below were all ordered through Premier seeds direct again I’ve got an affiliate link below its worth checking out. It won’t cost you extra but I would get a tiny kickback that would go towards living the dream.

Premier Seeds Direct on Amazon

Cucumber Spacemaster

Carrot Rainbow mix

Herb Lemon Grass

Lettuce Mixed leaf Mesclun mix


Yellow bush Scallop patty pan

Kale Borecole Scarlet

Pea Onward

Radish Cherry Belle

Aubergine Listada De Gandia

Carrot Early Nantes

You interest Part 1 of my seed list can be found here – 2018 Seedlist Part1

One thing I feel that my grow list is missing this year is roots, beans and brassica. but I’m not sure on the space yet available but ill make my mind up over the next week or so, until then.

All the best

The Electronic Gardener



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